Werner Law Firm Became Partner of 3d All-Ukrainian Forum and Workshop Titled “Moving Towards ProZorro in Healthcare Field”

Werner Law Firm became the partner of the Forum and Workshop “Moving into ProZorro in Healthcare Field” held on November 4, 2016 in Kyiv. The forum was organized by LAV CONSULT and PROZORRO State-owned Company and intended for workers in healthcare and pharmaceutical sector.

Forum and Workshop fostered a fruitful dialogue between the customers and suppliers within ProZorro system. Forum participants received relevant information on specific features of procuring directly from representatives of ProZorro State-owned Company, the Ministry of Healthcare and the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine.

It should be noted that apart from technical matters associated with ProZorro System, participants of the Forum discussed performance of contracts and procedure for challenging procurement results. Konstantin Sulima, Partner at the Werner Law Firm had an excellent opportunity to share Firm’s dispute settlement practices and experience in providing legal assistance during contract conclusion.